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Universal Rack Tray: Space for the final frontier

Universal Rack Tray: Space for the final frontier

Posted By: Soft Tops Online Published: 16/06/2001 Times Read: 1006 Comments: 0

Whilst we’re obviously all in agreeance that the Jeep is a phenomenal vehicle, the fact remains that storage and space is often an issue, especially for the 2-door. From camping gear, recovery equipment and all the other whatnots you need on the trail, it’s often hard to keep everything in order and secure in the back.


The Universal Rack Tray is the ideal solution to help you get the most out of your space by offering additional storage possibilities. The Universal Rack Tray is manufactured with sturdy plastic which is lighter than steel, better impact resistance and doesn’t rust. You can choose from either the Lower Cargo Rack Bracket which attaches to the sports bar*, or the Tailgate Bracket which fits above the spare tyre. Bracket systems are sold separately from the Universal Rack Tray and attaches with hand-tightening knobs for easy removal with no drilling required.  


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