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Wrangler Effect Week 5: The Final Chapter

Wrangler Effect Week 5: The Final Chapter

Posted By: Soft Tops Online Published: 15/02/2024 Times Read: 692 Comments: 0

Hello to all friends and Jeepers alike and welcome to the final installment of our take on the Wrangler Effect.

As the poet John Gay once said ‘We only part to meet again’, as in whilst this is the end of this particular saga, we’ll be back with a range of other thoughts and comments regarding life on the trail and much more.

In the meantime feel free to shoot us a line if you have any thoughts, comments, queries or just want to chat.

1. They’re fun

Finally, we believe that the popularity of the Wrangler comes down to the simple fact that it gives you the opportunity to have a great time. Whether it’s taking on the elements or just enjoying having the top down, we find that the lifestyle the Wrangler offers is appealing to a lot of people.

Click here to find out how you can further enjoy the Wrangler lifestyle.

Like before, here are the other listings in case you missed it.

2.They’re a classic

It’s safe to say pretty much everyone is aware of the Jeep brand; however not everyone knows how the name came about.  The origins of the word ‘Jeep’ itself are debatable. Some claim it was came about from the nickname the GIs gave to the vehicle which referred to the Popeye character ‘Eugene the Jeep’, while others claim is it was originally known as a General Purpose (GP) vehicle and the name is derived from a ‘slurred GP’ expression. Not every vehicle brand has an interesting history and we think part of the reason for the Wrangler following is the fact that it has such an interesting back-story. Whilst the Wrangler has an interesting past, it’s always looking to the future and changing for the better. We are also continuing to try and improve through high quality product range and customer service.

3. They’re friendly

It’s no secret that people are becoming less connected with each other. Human interaction is being blocked more and more by a wall of headphones and screens. However, there’s something about a Jeep that’s gets people talking. It can be a simple nod as two Wranglers pass each other, or even a discussion that starts up at a set of lights with a ‘nice Jeep’ or  ‘where did you get the top from?’.  Don’t believe us? Head to any Jeep club meeting like the ones at ACT Jeep Traction  or the Sydney Jeep Club and you’ll find some the nicest people getting together to talk all things Jeep. 

4. They’re adaptable

It’s almost like a blank canvas with wheels. The great thing about a Wrangler is that it can be customised to suit your lifestyle. Those who love the great outdoors can slap on some Element doors for better vision, protection and ventilation when they hit the trail. It’s also perfect for those who just want to enjoy having the top down as they head to the beach or to grab a coffee. Either way the Wrangler is a vehicle that you can dress for any occasion.

5. They’re tough

With the original model designed to meet military demands, you can be sure the Wrangler isn’t going to tip over in the wind. It’s no secret that the wrangler can handle itself on the road less travelled, but it’s surprising to realise that whilst it’s rugged the Wrangler is still manageable in the city back streets as well. However you use it you can be sure that it won’t let you down.


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