Soft Tops Online is the official Australian distributor for Robbins, Bestop and Pavement Ends soft tops. One of the benefits of purchasing from us is that in the unlikely event of a problem, you will supported by someone locally. All tops are covered with the formal manufacturer’s warranty. These include;

  • One year warranty on all soft tops

For more details click here to visit the Pavement Ends warranty page


  • Two year warranty on all soft tops
  • One year warranty on bikini tops

For more details click here  to visit the Bestop warranty page


  • Six year warranty on all soft tops
  • Two year warranty for headliners, top boots and tonneau covers
  • Lifetime warranty for glass window tops using the Permalok system. Click here for more details.

Please note that Soft Tops Online does not provide an independent warranty. All warranties on offer are direct from the manufacturer. All final decisions regarding repairs and replacements are made by the manufacturer.

To begin the warranty process, simply send the details to info@softtopsonline.com.au and we’ll instruct you what further action must be taken. Do not send your soft top back without prior arrangement. All soft tops are required to be inspected before any repairs or replacements are considered.

PermaLok System

The PermaLok Window Bonding System is used in Robbins soft tops and refers to the process where automated equipment folds the topping material around a structural metal support ring (not plastic), which is then bonded to the window glass using an ultra-high strength aerospace bonding agent. Special presses are then used to hold the assembly in place until the adhesive is fully cured.

PermaLok Window System eliminates the requirement for the stitching and piping that’s commonly found on many bonded window tops. This look is as close to factory original as you can get and the folded edge won't fray or peel. You’ll notice and appreciate little details like the fading dot matrix around the edge of the glass and hidden bus bars on defroster models.

Just like the car manufacturers, Robbins has developed and installed robotic application systems. This is the only way to ensure consistently correct adhesive volume, application and placement, all of which are critical factors in providing a lifetime bond.

This means that each PermaLok soft top is constructed exactly the same way, every time. That is why you can be assured there will be no surprises with the quality when it comes to installing a Robbins PermaLok Top. This level of commitment is unmatched within the industry


Lifetime warranty

Many tops offer a lifetime warranty, but only PermaLok HAS A LIFETIME WARRANTY for window bond failure and a LIFETIME BOND!

Having a great warranty is a good thing, but what you really want is to eliminate the hassle of failed windows, regardless of who pays. Robbins' PermaLok delivers just that by virtually eliminating window bond failure. Oh, and by the way, just in case, PermaLok does have a Lifetime Warranty! Click here for more details.