We have put together a number of responses to some frequently asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require any further assistance.

General Soft Top Questions

What’s a typical soft top design frame?

These diagrams feature the parts of a standard convertible soft top. They are universal and while no one diagram will show full details of a specific top, almost any part of any top will appear in one of these diagrams.

What material is used to manufacture these tops?

Pavement Ends soft tops are manufactured using a PVC coated polyester material. This specific construction consists of a mildew resistant polyester backing and a UV stabilised PVC surface that will withstand the harshest conditions. A contemporary denim emboss (texture) also ensures the appearance matches the soft tops performance.

Bestop soft tops are manufactured using a PVC coated polyester material similar to the construction used in the original article by Chrysler-Jeep. This material meets the most stringent specifications to ensure performance and longevity. The fabric used by Bestop is specially constructed to stretch for easy installation, then return to its original shape for tautness. It also features factory specification, Department of Transport (DOT) approved clear PVC windows, Velcro, thread, webbing and door seals.

Robbins utilise a variety of cloths and vinyls that are either the original material used by the vehicle manufacturer, or a better suited replacement. Robbins performs stretch testing, sew testing and heat-seal testing for every batch of material they receive. They also test the thread, clear PVC plastic sheets used in windows and other critical raw materials prior to manufacture.

Can I get a soft top with tinted windows?

Pavement Ends Suzuki Vitara and Sierra soft tops now have tinted window options available. They are made using clear windows as per the original factory soft top. Some Bestop products are available with tinted windows. Refer to our product section for further details on your specific make and model. Please note that tinted window kits only include the rear sides and tailgate windows in tint. To comply with Department of Transport (DOT) regulations, the front driver and passenger door windows come in clear only.

Robbins soft tops offer clear, tinted and tinted with heater/defroster glass windows depending on the make and model. Refer to our product section for specific details.

Does Soft Tops Online supply soft tops in colours other than Black?

Yes. Soft Tops Online can supply tops in a variety of different colours. Generally they are only available in the same colour as the original, however custom orders are possible. Contact us for details.

Will my soft top tighten?

All materials tighten when subject to direct sunlight however some quality materials resist tightening more than others. Ensuring that the soft top is correctly installed helps minimise the impacts from the material tightening. To help avoid potential problems, do not leave the top open for extended periods (several months +) of time.

A common example of this is the Suzuki Vitara. The rear corners are located with large plastic corner clips. If these are left open for long periods of time, tightening might occur and it’s possible the corner clips will not re-connect.

How long does it take to install a fabric soft top, if I have never installed one before?

We recommend all Robbins tops are installed by a professional motor trimmer. It can be a technical process which needs to be done properly to ensure the top remains water resistant and that the opening and closing operation is working as per designed. Click here  to find one of our recommended installers close to you.

Both Bestop and Pavement Ends tops are designed to be removed and re-fitted by car owners. Below are some basic guidelines for installation times. The time can vary depending on the competency of the installer. Installing your top on a sunny day above 20° C will make the process much easier.

  • Suzuki Tops: Approx. 30 minutes
  • Jeep Replace-a-top: Approx. 90 minutes
  • Supertop, Sunrider & Tigertop: Up to 3 hours

What is a heat welded seam?

Heat welding is a process of joining two fabrics together using a Radio Frequency (RF) welding machine. This technique fuses the two surfaces together providing a strong, water tight join. This process has minimised the need for stitched seams which can leak and are subject to tearing.

Is a top purchased from Soft tops Online covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?

Soft Tops Online is the official Australian distributor for Robbins, Bestop and Pavement Ends soft tops. One of the benefits of purchasing from us is, in the unlikely event of a problem, you will be supported by someone locally. All tops are covered with the formal manufacturer’s warranty.

More information can be found on out warranty page. Click here

How do I clean my new soft top?

We have a section dedicated to the care and maintenance of your soft top. Click here for more details.

Soft tops require normal care and maintenance in order to keep them looking good and performing well.

What is the life expectancy of a new soft top?

This is a hard question to answer. It depends on how often the vehicle is used, where the vehicle is parked, if the top is removed/used frequently, how often it is cleaned and many other factors. However as a rule of thumb, the average life of a soft top is approximately five years.

Common Jeep Top Questions

How can I confirm if I have a YJ / TJ Jeep factory original (OEM) hardware, Bestop hardware or some other manufacturer's hardware?

The pictures below show the factory original (OEM) hardware configurations for 1986-1995 Wrangler (YJ) and 1996-2006 Wrangler (TJ) models.

If you have a 1996 Wrangler and the headlights are square, then it is a Wrangler (YJ). If the headlights are round, then it is a 1996+ model year Wrangler (TJ).

If your hardware does not look like any of the photos shown above for your vehicle model year, then you do not have factory original or Bestop hardware.

TJ Wrangler YJ Wrangler

TJ Wrangler

YJ Wrangler

Can I custom order a soft top for my Jeep or order one in a special colour?

Unfortunately Bestop does not do custom orders. All their tops are available in the same colour selection as original from Chrysler-Jeep.

Does Bestop manufacture the factory original (OEM) soft tops for Jeep® Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited?

Yes. Bestop has been the factory original soft tops supplier to Chrysler-Jeep since 1986. Bestop also supply soft tops and accessories for Suzuki, Isuzu, GM, Toyota and many other small SUVs.

Common Suzuki Top Questions


My Vitara back window is lost or has been stolen. Can Soft Tops Online supply a new rear window only?

Soft Tops Online only sell complete soft tops. We do not sell the rear window individually. Additionally, there is a rod that slides into the bottom pocket of your Vitara rear window. If your window is missing, so will this rod. Replacement soft tops do not come with this rod. You will have to source one as an OE part.

The rear corner clips that attach my Vitara top to the body won't re-connect or keep coming undone, why is this?

All materials tighten when subject to direct sunlight, although some quality materials resist tightening better than others. Correct installation of the soft top will ensure this is not an issue. Some people fail to keep the rear corner clips attached correctly on their Vitara soft tops. As the top is relaxed in this scenario over a long period of time, tightening occurs and makes it almost impossible to re-connect the corners again. If you keep these corners connected correctly, you will not have this issue.


Do I need to have the rear tension straps on my Sierra (that are connected to the vehicle)?

Yes. They are a vital part of maintaining the correct tension on your soft top. These tension straps connect to the straps that are attached to the rear of the soft top. These straps are permanently fixed to the vehicle body and are not supplied with replacement soft tops.


How do I order online?

Step 1

Select the soft top you require and click on the ADD TO CART button, specify the quantity and choose the colour by using the drop down menu. You will then be shown a summary of the items in your cart.

Step 2

Click the CHECK OUT WITH PAYPAL When you are finished shopping.

Step 3

We accept payment by the global and secure PayPal system. On the PayPal page, you can either securely enter your credit card details directly (you do not need to be a PayPal member) or log into your PayPal account and confirm your payment. If you are a PayPal member (it's easy to join for free at their site. www.paypal.com.au) you can also pay directly from your bank account.

By using PayPal, your credit card number is never exposed to Soft Tops Online and you can be confident in PayPal's 100% protection.

What are Soft Tops Online’s refund and exchange policies?

We understand that mistakes happen. If you order a stock item and it’s the wrong model, we will accept a return with a 20% restocking fee, providing you place an order for the correct model with us. You will also need to send the incorrect top back to us at your own expense. This policy is only valid if the box is un-opened and the top is in its original condition. This policy does not apply if you simply change your mind after placing an order. All indent or special orders are not subject to return under any circumstances. If you are unsure what you are ordering, please contact our soft top specialist. Contact us.

Can I pick up the soft top, instead of it being posted?

Soft Tops Online does not operate from a shop front. We are an online business therefore item pick up is not available. All soft tops will be delivered via Australia Post.

Payment Questions

Does Soft Tops Online provide discounts for multiple soft top purchases?

Our soft tops are already heavily discounted therefore further discounts are not available. If you have an enquiry for a bulk trade purchase, contact us with the details of the order.

How do I pay?

We only accept payments via PayPal's secure Australian site.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a payment method for online purchases enabling buyers and businesses to send and receive money online. As of today, PayPal has over 100 million member accounts in 190 countries and regions. One advantage of using the PayPal payment method is that it offers faster, safer and easier checkouts and promises to protect customers from revealing their credit card and other financial information to the merchant.

Are bank cheques or money orders accepted for payment?

Soft Tops Online does not accept personal / bank cheques or money orders. We only accept PayPal.

Do the prices include GST?

A 10% GST charge is included in the retail price shown. Export orders are not charged GST.

What currency are prices shown in?

All prices are shown in Australian dollars (AUD).

Will I receive a Tax Invoice for my soft top purchase?

Soft Tops Online is a registered Australian business, hence a GST tax invoice will be provided to you (with your soft top) once payment is received & verified.

Delivery Questions

How long will delivery take?

During the check out process it will clearly state if the soft top you are purchasing is held in stock or is an indent order, which means it needs to be sent over specially from the manufacturer. Indent orders are generally for rare cars or custom made tops.

Stocked orders to Australia: Please allow 2-5 working days once your payment has been received. Delivery times vary depending on the state you live in. Longer delivery times apply to remote or regional areas.

Indent orders to Australia: Please allow 2-3 weeks once your payment has been received. Delivery times may vary depending on the state you live in. Longer delivery times apply to remote or regional areas.

Overseas orders: This depends on the location. Delivery will take 1-3 weeks generally but we will communicate this more accurately when you place an order.

Soft Tops Online Australia does not accept responsibility for items that have been misplaced after they have been delivered.

If you have not received your order within the expected period contact us so we can follow it up for you.

What are the shipping and handling policies of Soft Tops Online?

Soft Tops Online post to either an address or PO Box within Australia. Overseas orders must have a physical address.

We offer the option of adding shipping insurance for the item. This comes at an additional charge and varies depending on the value of the item. Contact us for more details.