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Soft Top Maintenance: Tips for a Clean Getaway

Soft Top Maintenance: Tips for a Clean Getaway

Posted By: Soft Tops Online Published: 16/07/2020 Times Read: 1616 Comments: 0

There are two iconic sayings, ‘nothing lasts forever’ and ‘you only get out what you put in’ are not only reflective insights into emotional comprehension, but also key summary points as to what to expect when owning a soft top.

Proper care and maintenance is a crucial factor in determining whether you get the most life and enjoyment out of your soft top. Simple and periodic cleaning, maintenance and precaution can go a long way. See below some simple, yet effective tips to ensure your soft top is nothing more than a source of fun. 

Cleaning the top

  • Always hose the top down after a trip. Dirt and mud can be removed relatively easily if done immediately, however it’s the long period in between that causes the fabric to stain. 
  • Warm, soapy water are the best first options for both cloth and vinyl tops. Use a soft bristle brush in a circular motion.
  • Once completed, rinse and dry thoroughly with a chamois.
Make sure you never;
Never spot clean as this can lead to rings or spots
Use harsh detergents or cleaners, bleaches, or abrasives
Use dry-cleaning solvents
Use boiling hot water
Lower the soft top when wet or damp (this may encourage mildew problems)

The Bestop Fabric Cleaner has a low pH, no bleach formula and safely removes the toughest soils and stains.

Protecting the fabric

The Bestop Protectant has options available for both vinyl and black twill. These protectants will help seal out tough soils and stains whilst not harming the top’s finish.  


Glass windows should be washed with a water-based cleaner. Extra care must be taken around the heater/defroster glass windows so as to avoid scratching and breaking the power source connector wire.

Plastic windows can be washed using plain water or a mild soap and water solution. Apply with a soft cloth and always clean from side to side, never in a circular motion. Vuplex® is brand of clear PVC cleaner that is suitable for enhancing plastic windows after the regular cleaning process is finished.


Ongoing care and maintenance can help ensure your zippers are kept in a smooth and working condition. The Bestop Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant is specifically formulated to clean and lubricate all types of meal and plastic zippers and contains no silicone or wax.


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